iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 mini Rear Camera Lens 9H Glass Protector

$9.95 inc. GST

Protect Your Pictures
With a photography beast like the iPhone, it has never been more important to keep your camera safe, so protect your lenses from scratches and bumps with tough tempered glass and keep taking high-quality pictures for longer.

Crystal Clear
Ultra-thin, ultra-transparent tempered glass resists scratches to ensure that your pictures stay pixel perfect while your lenses are being protected from damage.

Original Flash
Individual lens protectors keep your flash totally unobstructed so you can still snap high-quality pictures in the dark without lens flare.

Securely Affixed
High-quality adhesive ensures that your protectors stay securely attached and no sticky residue is left on your lenses if you need to remove them.


What’s included?

1 piece of camera lens per quantity


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